What is Online Racing all about?

Racing is an interesting sport. For the most part, watching on television may or may not intrigue you. Many comment that it's just cars going around in circles. But, if you had a chance to drive, well that would be different! Well now you do. You can now experience, to a major extent, the thrill of driving without the expense and huge learning curve of the real thing. That in a nutshell is what online racing is all about.

Online racing comes in many forms. This team participates in a full bodied race car league (Nascar style), but there are many other types such as Indy style, Formula One, Dirt late models, touring cars and more. Although racing against computer cars is fun, there is nothing like competing against real competitors. The other great benefit of about getting involved with online racing is the strong sense of community. Many of us have forged great friendships doing something we love. For a peek at some resources to get started in online racing visit one of these great sites:

The US Pits
Black Hole Motorsports
History of Online Racing